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Start your 7 Day FREE trial with BusyBee Social to see how we can help you solve the problem of what to post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be billed during the trial?
No!  You will only be billed after your 7 day trial if you choose not to cancel.  We’ll send you a quick reminder before your trial expires. 

Can I cancel during my trial?
Yes!  You can cancel anytime.  Just go to our Cancel Account page, complete the quick form, and we will process your request immediately. 

Will I lose access to BusyBee if I cancel?
Unfortunately, you will.  And we’ll be sad to see you go!  Once your BusyBee Social account is inactivated, if you sign up with us in the future, you’ll have to start all over as we do not save account information.

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