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Judi Walker

SCP Marketing worked on a project for me in 2014. During that time, the team had to work with myself and an international client to design and build a website. I was quite impressed with Amber and her team’s ability to cater to mine and the client’s needs at a moment’s notice. Amber was very flexible with the specifics of the project and was a pleasure to communicate with. Of particular importance was the team’s determination in making sure that every image and video was displayed in a clean and aesthetically pleasing manner. Their attention to detail in this aspect of the project completely altered the entire website for the better. Overall, Amber and her team provided an excellent opportunity for my client to compile and market his property in an efficient manner and I have a tremendous amount of confidence in their abilities and strongly recommend them for future projects.




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Amber Khan
Principal & CEO at SCP Marketing. Lover of brand creation and promoter of authenticity. Coffee connoisseur, workout enthusiast, writer, creative, and support coach.