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A Good Brand Accomplishes These 3 Things

A good brand is memorable for all the right reasons. It makes a connection with the people it is trying to reach. It extends beyond advertising and becomes an ingrained part of a company’s identity.

If your business is working to establish its brand, here are three things that your company should strive to accomplish:

  1. Confirming your credibility

jcpenneyCustomers want to know that the companies they give their business to have their best interests at heart. They want to know that their information will be protected, that the products they receive will be high quality, and that when things go wrong, they will be treated with respect and courtesy. Establishing credibility through your brand is about getting across your company’s values and following through on those values throughout your business model.

During the Super Bowl, JCPenney made a big mistake on this front. Using the company’s official Twitter account, JCPenney sent out several tweets that appear to be written by a drunk person. Customers quickly worried that the company had been hacked, but JCPenney officials admitted that was not the case. The retailer meant for the tweets to be playful, but they were completely out of line with JCPenney’s established brand and only served to hurt their credibility.

  1. Connecting with customers on a personal level

How your company connects with your customers is an essential part of your brand. While a brewery might want to appeal to their customers’ sense of fun and adventure, an investment firm would likely be better suited appealing to a sense of responsibility and progress. Setting the right emotional tone for your brand is key to helping your customers see you as more than just a company.

Always accomplished this beautifully with their Like a Girl campaign. With the hashtag #LikeAGirl, the company rolled out videos about turning the common insult of doing something “like a girl” into an empowering mantra. The result was a memorable campaign with a lasting positive impact for women around the world.

  1. Inspiring customer loyalty

Your customers choose you over your competitors for a particular reason or set of reasons. Successful brands figure out what those reasons are and focus in on them. The goal of a successful brand isn’t to beat the competition at its game; it’s to play your own game and make sure you play it better than anyone else.

IKEA did a great job of this with their Apple spoof. In the video, an IKEA employee explains their brand-new catalog: “It’s not a digital book or an e-book, it’s a book book.” The clever video pokes fun at all of our modern devices while doing a great job of showing exactly why IKEA customers love getting their new catalog in the mail. Rather than trying to be something that it’s not, IKEA reminds customers why they are loyal to the IKEA brand.


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