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Making Google Happy

One of the questions we’re always asked is what can I do to achieve better placement in Google. After all, with 89% of people using Google compared to the other the other search engines, it’s really important to have solid positioning.

By far the best thing you can do is to invest in your organic SEO strategy. This means taking the time to create original, high-quality content that provides useful information to your core audience and validates your authority in your specific industry. You also need to acquire links naturally over time. This is not rocket science, but it takes a lot of work, and most people want instant results without putting in too much effort. In fact, people spend a lot of money trying to get instant results only to fail in the end.

Google Has Cracked Down and Will Continue to Penalize

Whenever Google updates its algorithm, we get calls from business owners who have sites that have suddenly “disappeared” from the listings. These people often have the same story, “Everything was going great… we were on the first page of Google… now we’re nowhere to be found… help!” After further discussion, we usually find that these people were engaging in some “rise to the top quickly” scheme (i.e. spamming the web with duplicate articles, copying content, acquiring links in bulk, paying for links).

It’s these very tactics that drives Google to make constant algorithm tweaks as it wants to provide users with information that is genuinely relevant to what they are searching for. Google wants its users to keep coming back and to accomplish this, it has to build trust by delivering results that are – in a sense – almost intuitive to the user’s needs.

Think about the last time you searched for information. Which sites appeared at the top of the listings? Chances are authority sites like Wikipedia or brand sites like Apple. In order to succeed with Google long-term, you’ll have to acknowledge that these sites are consistently doing something right. That something right is quality copy (content that other web users find compelling) and natural links (links that users give on their own because they want to share that compelling information with others on their sites, blogs, and social media outlets).

So, if you’re serious about achieving better placement in Google for the long haul, the time has come to start doing the work. Just as organic food is good for the body, organic SEO is good for websites and ultimately, your business.

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Angela Bourassa
Director of Content Strategy for SCP Marketing. Screenwriter and story teller.

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