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What I’ve Learned from Starbucks

In this post, I cover two of my lifetime loves: my business and Starbucks.

After consuming a few beverages at my local Starbucks, a wondrous epiphany came to me and I realized that this infamous coffee company and my business have a lot in common. In fact, I realized that most companies that experience ongoing success have a few things in common with Starbucks, but the core commonality lies in the approach to customer service.

In my opinion, there are very specific reasons why consumers are loyal to Starbucks. I feel business owners should observe and learn from the following:

  1. Offering products that are tailored to customers. If you are a hardcore Starbucks customer, you definitely have a drink of choice. You don’t walk into Starbucks and say you want to order a coffee, do you? Of course not. You walk into Starbucks, look your barista in the eyes and say with full confidence, “I want a tall, triple non-fat cappuccino. Easy on the foam.” After all, this isn’t an ordinary cup of coffee; it is your caffeinated beverage of choice.
    What can be learned from this: when you offer services that are personally tailored to your clients’ needs, they feel special and even privileged. They want to continue working with you because you understand their needs and you make them feel unique. For example, at SCP Marketing, marketing efforts are handpicked by our clients with our guidance. No two clients have the same strategy because we realize what works for some clients will not work for others.
  2. Establishing comfort and convenience. Starbucks tries to promote a comfortable environment where consumers can do multiple things, like enjoy their coffee, engage in conversations with friends or connect to WiFi and work. They know the longer consumers stay in the shop, the more they order and feel connected. In return, people linger at their local Starbucks because it is convenient and feels comfortable.
    What can be learned from this: the same principal can be applied in business. The more clients get to spend time, speak and share ideas with you, the more comfortable they get. Over time, comfort leads to increased trust and loyalty. You want your clients to establish comfort with you because it promotes a stronger, win-win relationship. Additionally, if you remain accessible and convenient, your clients will always favor your services.
  3. Providing great products. I think this is common sense – if you deliver a great product and people love it, they will purchase it again and again. Deliver a mediocre product and you will get mediocre results.
    What can be learned by this: At SCP, we constantly strive to provide clients with experiences that are not only great, but results driven. I know that when we give clients exceptional service from the very start, they will become repeat clients.
  4. Full disclosure. Notice that Starbucks displays nutritional menus so you know exactly how many calories and grams of fat are in your drink? Whether you choose to review the information or not, it is plainly accessible.

What can be learned by this: offering information is important as companies that do not disclose details do so for a reason. For example, if my company works on a marketing campaign, we outline everything and make sure clients understand exactly what we are doing. There are no big secrets, the client knows why we are performing certain tasks and exactly what to expect. Anytime companies fail to disclose information, clients can become apprehensive and question the integrity of the companies which is never good. Avoid this by being open and worthy of trust.

With all this being side, it’s time to order my next espresso. Cheers!




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Amber Khan
Principal & CEO at SCP Marketing. Lover of brand creation and promoter of authenticity. Coffee connoisseur, workout enthusiast, writer, creative, and support coach.

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