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WordPress remains one of the most popular platforms for small business websites. WordPress offers endless opportunities for flexible, intuitive design. At the same time, it has remained accessible and easy to use. Running an established WordPress site is straightforward and requires little to no coding experience. You can even set up a WordPress site on your own without using any code. That said, if you want to have a site that is fully customized and perfectly represents your brand, working with a professional developer is probably your best choice.

One key advantage of hiring a developer is that he or she can help you create a site that takes advantage of the latest WordPress trends. WordPress sites made noticeable shifts in 2014. Simplicity took center stage as more and more consumers began surfing the internet on phones and tablets. Whether you use WordPress for content management, to promote your brand, or to make sales, take note of these major trends in WordPress development:

One Page Websites

You’ve probably noticed this trend everywhere you’ve looked. Many small and medium businesses have changed their web layout so that instead of navigating between different pages, users can simply scroll down to learn more and more about the business. This is a popular format for businesses with a limited number of products or services. It makes it easy for users, particularly on phones, to get sucked in to your content without making the active choice to click on the next page.

Flat Designs

Simplicity was big in 2014, and that trend is sticking around. Flat designs do away with complicated design elements like texture, shadows, buttons, and boxes. Instead, websites with flat designs look like one, flat, simple image. These sites tend to look very sleek, particularly on phone screens.

Unique Typography

Type kits have become cheaper and more accessible. As a result, many developers are using unique fonts to separate their websites from the crowd. In particular, fonts that look like handwriting are growing in popularity. However, in keeping with minimalist ideals, many developers are sticking to simple, bold, rounded fonts that are easy to read and eye-catching.

Full Page Image Backgrounds

Another trend I’m fond of is full image backgrounds. Many companies are using artistic, high definition photos as backdrops to their content. This adds visual interest while allowing the content to remain simple and straightforward.


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