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How to Communicate Branding Preferences Using Pinterest Boards and Visuals

How many times do creatives hear phrases like, “I like blue, but not too blue?”  And how many times have you, as a business owner, tried to put your visual preferences into words, only to find yourself fumbling or wondering, “did I explain that right?”

Throughout the years, we’ve seen business owners run into all sorts of challenges during their branding projects.  However, one of the challenges we see repeatedly is the frustration clients face when trying to explain their vision for their brand identity and the creative team’s failure to translate those preferences into something tangible (and inspiring).  It’s not that the client or the creative is to blame, either.  It’s usually due to poor communication or lack thereof and not enough time being spent on understanding a client’s visual likes/dislikes early on.

This is why the SCP team likes to start brand identity projects with visual compilation exercises, like the Pinterest Brand Board exercise included in the video below.  In the video, you’ll have the opportunity to witness how both a brand strategist and two different designers review Pinterest brand boards created by a client to showcase visual aspects she likes and doesn’t like.  Take note of how much information is gathered simply by comparing and contrasting the two boards and engaging the client in a deeper conversation about her preferences.

A special thanks to those who participated in this visual exercise:

Laurie Lee, Creator and Host, Donor Diaries Podcast
Lauren Grey, Creative Director
Jenn Kippert, Owner/Creative Director, Jenn Kippert Design
Amber Khan, Principal &CEO, SCP Marketing

Ready to create you own Pinterest Brand Board?  Download our easy-to-follow tips and start pinning!

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