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Amber Khan

I believe authentic branding is creating a presence that intuitively feels good and that's what I help our clients do. Outside of SCP, you'll find me writing, reading, working out, and spending time with my husband and two children. I am passionate about humanitarian causes and hold the world's healers and helpers close to my heart.

Business Owner Time Off

Business Owners, Please Take Time for Yourself!

Business owners are a very special breed of people who are often tasked with wearing numerous hats throughout the day.  One minute, you’re the Creative Director.  The next minute, you’re the Chief Financial Officer.  And then a team member freaks out and you become the Counselor.  It’s part of the gig and if you’ve been …

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setting the tone

Why Is authenticity so hard?

After running a Brand Consulting Agency for over 10 years and working with countless entrepreneurs, what always fascinates me is how issues creep in during the branding process and often overlap with issues related to personal development. And an area where people really struggle when developing their brand is authenticity.  By definition, authenticity is simply …

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