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8 Ways to Engage With Your Customers on Social Media

Engaging with consumers on social media is an excellent way to get feedback on your products and services while also gaining and retaining customers. Users love to interact with their favorite brands on social media as it allows them to share their thoughts while learning more about your brand in the process. The best part? It’s a whole lot of fun interacting with your customers! You get the chance to be creative while creating a closer relationship with the people who love your brand as much as you do. Ready to get started? Here are 8 awesome ways to engage with your customers on social media:


Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.

David Alston

1. Share Fun Polls:
Get to know your audience better and have a little fun engaging with your customers by having them partake in polls. The polls could relate to your brand by asking questions such as, “Which of our products is your favorite?” or consider asking questions that are random like, “What is your favorite season?”. Customers will love giving their input, and better yet, polls can provide you with insight into what your customers like, which can help you develop future products and services.

2. Use Live Videos: Live stories allow you to connect with your audience in ways you may never have thought possible. You can “go live” at events or just to give your customers an inside look into what your brand looks like behind the scenes. 

Another idea is to use live videos so that your customers can ask you questions about your products and services. This way, you can answer these questions in real-time, which can help your audience connect with your brand on a deeper level.

3. Tell a Story: Consumers love seeing that your brand is authentic by hearing inside stories about your brand. Sharing stories on your social media channels from time to time can help your customers better understand where your brand came from, how it started, what’s happening in your brand right now, and so much more. Talk about how you came up with the idea for your brand, share what it took to take your brand from an idea to a reality, and maybe even share some humorous mishaps you’ve had along the way.

4. Repost User-Generated Content: Ask your customers to share pictures and videos of themselves using your products or services, and repost this content on your social media channels. Current and potential customers will love seeing that real people are using your products and services, which will only continue to establish authenticity for your brand. Your customers are the ones who help your business thrive, so let them be the star of your social media pages every once in a while!

5. Run a Contest: Everyone loves winning free stuff and receiving discounts on their favorite products and services. This is why you should take some time out each month or every few months to run a contest or promotion for your consumers. For example, post a fun behind-the-scenes photo of your business and have your social media followers try and come up with the best caption for that photo. When the allotted time is up, choose the best caption and have that person win one of your products for free or offer them a discount on your products/services.

6. Share Blog Posts: Odds are, your brand has a blog (and if you don’t already have a blog, you really should consider creating one), so why not share it with your followers? Point your consumers to your blog in a social media post. Talk a little about what the blog post is about and why they should care about the topic, then share a link to your blog post. This will help you engage with your customers by allowing them to read more about your brand while directing traffic to your website in the process.

7. Ask Questions: Consider posting an image that represents your brand or that relates to your industry, and then ask your followers a simple question about that image. For example, if you work in the real estate industry, you could post a photo of a kitchen with blue cabinets. Then, in the text portion of your post, you could say something like, “We’re curious. Is this kitchen your style, or would you go with a different cabinet color? Let us know in the comments!”. People like to give their opinion and to be heard, plus, asking questions can give you better insight into your customers’ likes and dislikes.

8. Respond to Comments: The last (and maybe most important) way to engage with your customers on social media is to react to and respond to their comments. If people are commenting on your posts, take some time to let them know that you see their comments by reacting to them with a “like” and then responding to their comments. If someone comments that they love your brand, responding with a simple thank you can make their day. Or, if someone comments that they’ve had an issue with your product or service, or have a question about it, help them come up with a solution or answer their question. Giving your customers worth by responding to them can truly make a difference in how someone sees your brand.

There are so many fun and creative ways for you to engage with your customers on social media. Not only will your customers enjoy interacting with your brand, but you’ll find that you’ll also have a great time interacting with them as well. 

Which engaging content will you be posting on your social media channels? Let us know in the comments!

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